gloCOM, A Global Communicator Desktop Application

gloCOM, A Global Communicator Desktop Application

There are many reasons to switch over to VoIP phone services but one of the newest features we are offering is gloCOM, a communicator application that can be used directly from your computer’s desktop. With gloCOM you can place and receive calls, instant message, send and receive faxes, and place conference calls directly from your computer screen. gloCOM can even integrate with your CRM so that your contact lists can be accessed through the soft phone application. For example, when someone in your contacts list calls, a window will pop up with their contact information so you have the caller’s information right in front of you. You can then answer or transfer the call using the buttons on your computer screen. This program works really well with a headset but you can also use your regular phone to talk or even a bluetooth.

gloCOM also allows for improved communication between the people within your business. Anyone who has the gloCOM soft phone program on their computer can see who is on a call and who may be away from their phone. It also allows for instant messaging, conference calls, and even video calls between extensions. The instant messaging features allow organization members to communicate without having to tie up a phone line and send files back and forth easily without having to send an email.

There are many different ways to place phone calls with gloCOM. If you ever have to look up a phone number on the web, you can make a phone call to that number straight from your Internet browser with just a click of your mouse. You can also drag and drop multiple phone numbers into the phone window to create a conference call. You can even add another number to an existing call to add more people to the conversation. gloCOM also allows for remote call monitoring.

These are just a few features of the gloCOM application. This application used with our VoIP phone systems can make communications within your business and with your customers easy and efficient. Call us today to find out more.


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