Protect Your PC Through the Storm

Protect Your PC Through the Storm

Should I turn my desktop computer off during a lightning storm? I’ve heard stories about lightning striking a house and ruining thousands of dollars of computer equipment. These people had all the anti-surge stuff and it did not help. They even had the computer off; the on switch was still sending power to it from a wall.

A power surge is an abrupt, large increase in voltage or current in the power supply that typically lasts a fraction of a second. But these surges produce nowhere near the same amount of voltage and current as that caused by lightning, a giant discharge of electricity produced during a thunderstorm. The surge protector doesn’t stand a chance against lightening. The current can just blow right through it damaging whatever is on the other end.  So if you think a storm is coming, you should physically disconnect your computer from the main socket to protect it from a lightning surge.

It’s bad enough if you have to replace your computer from damage. It’s far worse if you lose all your data too because you haven’t backed it up. That is why you should regularly save everything to a data storage device or online backup service. If you don’t currently have a backup solution, call us to get one set up today. Stay safe!

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